A Case Study in Irony

February 9, 2008 at 7:58 am (U.S. Foreign Policy)


In case you didn’t catch season one of CBS’s Jericho, let me bring you up to speed….

 There has been a nuclear attack on the U.S., with something like ten cities being hit and hundreds of thousands killed. The closest missile to hit near Jericho, Kansas was in Denver. They could see the blast and got some of the radioactive fallout, but were largely spared.

Toward the end of season one, the nearby town of New Bern hears that Jericho’s farms and salt mine are producing nicely, and they want in on the action. More accurately, they want to take these spoils for themselves. New Bern is better-armed than Jericho, so they use a minor scuffle between their respective townsfolk as a provocation and excuse to invade their neighbors, which they do with great violence and cruelty.

Anyone watching this program cannot help being filled with outrage at such selfishness and greed. How can the leaders of New Bern be so callous and opportunistic? How can they trump up such a weak excuse to exploit others for profit?


The ironic thing about all this is that the good people of Jericho, Kansas are God-fearing conservatives for whom Old Glory holds a special place, and who live under the assumption that America, at least as it once existed, was a force of good and justice in the world.

Why, you ask, is this ironic?

Because the residents of Jericho are enduring the very same treatment that their beloved country has inflicted upon a myriad of other nations, from the landing of Christopher Columbus in the New World to the landing of Paul Bremer in Iraq.

That’s why.



  1. Jason J. Stellman said,

    Hi Pundit,

    Interesting blog, but it looks like your links don’t work.

    Do you know Johnny T? How so?

  2. The Pundit said,

    Thanks, all fixed.

    I don’t know Johnny T, but I have visited his site a handful of times, and began commenting yesterday when I started this blog.

    Spread the word about it, if you wouldn’t mind!

  3. Jason J. Stellman said,


    Apparently, Johnny T thinks we’re the same person (hence his odd questions… he’s not a “fetishist” after all).


  4. The Pundit said,

    That’s nice to hear.

  5. Irony or Naiveté? « The Wondering Pundit said,

    […] are masters of irony or just really naive, but this show is so timely it’s freaky (see this post to get caught […]

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