Jihad, American Style

February 14, 2008 at 12:18 am (U.S. Foreign Policy, Uncategorized)


Here’s a little sociology lesson for you: In your mind, exchange this soldier’s uniform for a white robe and replace his helmet with a turban. With me so far? Good. Now, picture him kneeling on both knees rather than one, with his face to the ground and a little mat underneath him. And finally, change the English letters at the bottom to Arabic ones, and the word “Lord” to “Allah” with a Quran reference instead of one from the New Testament.

 GASP! Look at that fanatical extremist! How can those animals kill innocent women and children with such indifference and even glee? They must have ice running through their veins….

 Just ’cause murder is done in the service of a different God doesn’t make it holy war.

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  1. The Dane said,

    The Pundit, you used the wrong image.

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