O Canada!

March 23, 2008 at 9:57 pm (Free Market Capitalism, Health Care)

health-care.jpgWhenever health care is being discussed, and a progressive says something like, “I wish we had universal health care like they do in Canada,” it usually takes approximately four seconds before a well-meaning patriot retorts, “Yeah, but they have to wait forever to be seen by their doctors!”

Some thoughts, if I may:

1. Have you ever been to Canada?

2. Your tax dollars are being spent, make no mistake, they’re just being spent on services that benefit Halliburton, not you.

3. If this country didn’t have 47,000,000 uninsured Americans who are therefore unable to visit the doctor, then our waiting rooms might be a bit more crowded as well (or would you rather keep health care limited so you don’t have to wait while poor people get treated?).


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